Students Create Centerpieces for STEAM Convention!

Ms. Gretchen Brand, Proud Art Teacher

The students in art and technology courses created 5 centerpieces to be used at the STEAM convention at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center. Our students studied Leonardo da Vinci, who was an artist, inventor, scientist and genius! The art classes created one point perspective drawings of a city and the technology classes constructed bridges.  Special thanks to Mr. Perry for helping in this endeavor.  The science and math teachers were asked to help with design and questions.  The following are the students who participated:

Windy Rodriquez

Sasha Hardy

Janelle Owens

Tony Brown

Alayia Jiles

Calvin Murray

Jamya Griggs

Abigail Goodwin

Ryan Ross

Theresa Hilburn

Jordon Woods

Jalen Brown

J.T. Paschal

Kathy Boyer

Josue Lopez

Demonte Mitchell