Fort Service Learning Magnet Academy’s School Improvement Planning Process!

Fort Service Learning Magnet Academy has developed the school-wide plan with the participation of individuals who will carry out the comprehensive school-wide/school improvement program plan.  The process began when the stakeholders met to review the county’s improvement plan, as well as the superintendent’s executive summary.  The School Improvement Plan (SIP) was created by stakeholders representing parents, schools, community, central office employees, and the Board of Education of the Muscogee County School District (MCSD). Fort reflected in its School Improvement Plan (SIP) all of the stakeholders listed above, as well as other school faculty, staff, parents, and community representatives; the SIP includes learning objectives, specific strategies and frequent evaluations within.  The SIP also reflects a strategic use of resources in order to provide the best educational opportunities for all students.  In sum, the goals of Fort are aligned with the overall goals of the Muscogee County School District; for us, we are under continuous improvement!

Click on the graphic below to view our SIP!