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I am Mary Myers ,and I am available to assist students with making good decisions throughout their middle school years at Fort.  Please visit my page on a regular basis for the latest information about counseling programs, upcoming events and guidance tips.

The purpose of the guidance and counseling program is to promote and enhance the learning process of all students.  The mission statement is in support of the MCSD whereas is to become a lifelong learner, enter the work force, with the necessary skills to enter the workforce, college, or the military.

I serve the needs of all students through classroom guidance, small group counseling, school-wide activities and individual counseling.

In addition, I collaborate and consult with parents, guardians, administrators, teachers, and the community.

Guidance Sponsored Programs include but are not limited to peer mediators, junior marshals, passport to manhood and college career readiness.  Required ongoing groups include grief, transition, anger management, bully prevention, and junior student 2 student.


Mary Myers- School Counselor




Bridge Bill and College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI)

Georgia Department of Education:        

The BRIDGE (Building Resourceful Individuals to Develop Georgia’s Economy) Act, House Bill 400, was signed into law May 2010 to create an atmosphere motivating middle- and high-school students to learn because they see the relevance of education to their dreams and future plans. The implementation of the BRIDGE Act provides middle- and high-school students with career counseling and regularly-scheduled advisement to choose a focused plan of study.


What is the Individual Graduation Plan?

Another part of the BRIDGE Act is the requirement that all 8th grade students during their spring semester create an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP). This graduation plan helps “map out” the rigorous academic core subjects and focused work in mathematics, science, or humanities, fine arts, world languages or sequenced career pathway coursework. The IGP is based on the student’s selected academic and career area to prepare them for their chosen career. This plan must be developed in consultation with parents/guardians, students, school counselor or teacher as advisor. Additional parts of the IGP may include career-oriented and work-based learning experiences, and postsecondary studies through Georgia’s MOWR programs.


State House Bill 400The Bridge Law specifies all elementary, middle and high school activities apply to ALL children.


  • Students on an alternative assessment (GAA) may need modified assignments, but requirements still apply as career planning is especially important for these students.


  • Data for CCRPI is collected from bold and underlined components.



  • Bold print items will not be measured but are expected to be completed.



  • Case managers and school assigned School Counselors will work collaboratively to assure that ALL students have the required components and artifacts completed by the appropriate grade










         Bridge Bill and CCRPI Comparison Chart for Grades K-12

Grade Bridge Bill Requirements College and Career Ready Performance Index
1-5 3 lessons per grade level on career awareness aligned to Georgia’s 17 Career Clusters
2016-2017-5th graders to complete a career portfolio
6 Set-up electronic portfolio accounts

Complete 1 career assessment/inventory and save in GaFutures

7 Complete 1 career assessment/inventory and save in GaFutures

Explore 3 career clusters/save in GaFutures

8 Explore 3 occupations /record in GaFutures

Complete IGP

Made aware of Move on When Ready (MOWR) by February 1

Complete IGP and 2 or more career related assessments/inventories by end of 8th grade

Informed about MOWR by February 1

9 Explore 3 additional occupations/record in  GaFutures

Student/family conference

Participate in regular advisement sessions


Made aware of Move on When Ready (MOWR) by February 1

Informed about MOWR by February 1
10 Student/family conference

Participate in regular advisement sessions

Made aware of Move on When Ready (MOWR) by February 1

Informed about MOWR by February 1
11 Explore and save 3 possible choices of postsecondary institutions that match IGP

 Participate in regular advisement sessions

Made aware of Move on When Ready (MOWR) by February 1

Informed about MOWR by February 1
12 Identify the next step after graduation in GaFutures college, military, tech school, workforce, etc… Informed about MOWR  by February 1
K-12 % of SWD’s served in general education environment greater that 80 % of the school day.





Implementation of the Bridge Bill/CCRPI for Students on a functional curriculum (GAA)

The College and Career Readiness Performance Accountability Team determined that based on the reporting process, special education case managers will ensure verbally that students with disabilities that require an alternative assessment (GAA) have completed by the end of 8th grade:


·        2 career interest inventories

·       and an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)


Assessments for students unable to complete the GaFutures assessments/inventories with appropriate accommodations/modifications will use 2 of the bold print assessments listed in the Transition Chapter of the PES Manual to fulfill the interest inventories requirements. The case manager and school guidance counselor will collaborate to assure that all BRIDGE Bill requirements are met by student’s taking the GAA.


The career assessments and the IGP will be kept by the case manager in the student’s Special Education files as documentation for the principal to use when completing state reporting on these indicators. These documents are to also be used when developing the IEP/Transition Plan.


It is not required that student’s taking the GAA have a GaFutures to meet the requirements of the BRIDGE Bill.


Click image below for the Move On When Ready (MOWR) Parent Card!  The second image will take you to the dual credit program for high school students!