Georgia Family-Friendly School

Fort Service Learning Magnet Academy:

An Award-Winning Georgia Family-Friendly Partnership School!

What Are Georgia’s Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools?

To help schools, families, and communities work together in creating a Family-Friendly Partnership School, the Georgia Department of Education created Georgia’s Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools. Georgia’s Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools takes viewers on a virtual journey of an elementary and a middle-high school to show what makes a school family-friendly.  The intended audience includes educational leaders, school staff, parents, school, or community organizations, and local business partners.

Mrs. Coaxum, our Proud Principal, receives award from State Superintendent Richard Woods!  Also pictured are Rachel Johnson, Katrina Long, Jessica Bowling, Sonja Coaxum, Mary Godfrey, Kim Boynton, and Wendy Robinson.