Welcome to Early College Academy of Columbus

As always, I am thrilled for another great year at the prestigious Early College Academy of Columbus (ECAC). ECAC is a premier academic school for Muscogee County School District, and as the Principal, I am truly pleased with our success. I am proud of everything we achieve, and I am privileged to be a part of this dynamic atmosphere of wonderful students, dedicated parents, devoted staff members and qualified teachers. We are proud of each student that chooses to attend our school, and I look forward to being a part of their academic success. High school is critical component to student achievement, and ECAC allows students to not only succeed academically as high school students, but gives them a tremendous opportunity to flourish in a college classroom as life-long learners.

Excellence is what we strive for at ECAC, and we expect students to demonstrate excellence in all areas of their academic experience. In fact, our goal at ECAC is for each of our students to exhibit pride: pride in their learning, pride in their campus, and pride in their teachers. Students are prompted to show Cougar P.R.I.D.E. at all times. Cougar P.R.I.D.E is an acronym that stands for “Prepared, Respectful Individuals Dedicated to Excellence.” Yet, all members of our beautiful campus are expected to display Cougar P.R.I.D.E both inside and outside of the classroom.

Teachers at ECAC display pride by creating effective lessons based on current educational research and monitoring student development through formative and summative assessments. Students show pride through excelling in their academic studies, monitoring their growth and success, challenging themselves to exceed, and showing positive behavior at all times. However, parents are also a part of this process. Parents at ECAC show pride be ensuring students maintain a good attendance record, monitoring students’ progress and homework, communicating and working with their child’s teachers, and even asking their child what they learned each school day.

Education at ECAC is a team effort. We are a family, and both teachers, students, and faculty have an integral part to our school’s success. So parents, we invite you to visit, participate, and be involved. Join our Parent Teacher Association, attend our school sponsored events, and make parent conferences. You are the glue that holds the fabric of ECAC together.

Thus, thank you, for entrusting ECAC with your child’s academic needs. I look forward to working with you in cultivating a school of excellence and success. Let’s make this year another successful year at ECAC.


Michael R. Forte

Dr. Michael Forte,

Office of the Principal