Early College Academy of Columbus (ECAC) is an excellent school located in the heart of the historic district in Columbus, Georgia. Our beautiful Waverly Terrance campus has been a part of the community since the early 1920s. It features an open courtyard overlooking a picturesque landscape with tall, green palm trees. This school is what many students would call home with its intimate and inviting atmosphere as well as the welcoming staff who knows every child by name. Established in 2006, Early College Academy of Columbus has a proven track record of high academic achievement and student success long after students graduate.

Award Winning

Dual Enrollment

Fine Arts



Early College Academy of Columbus caters a positive learning experience for the committed learner. Over half of our junior and sophomore students are dually enrolled each year at Columbus State University or Columbus Technical College where they take college classes. In fact, Early College Academy of Columbus has the highest number of dually enrolled students in Muscogee County School District.

2017: 9th Literature 1st- 67%

2017: American Literature 54%

2017: Analytic Geometry 57%

2016: 9th Literature 1st – 87%

2016: American Literature 1st – 85%

2016: Analytic Geometry 2nd -74%

2016: Biology 1st – 93%

2016: U.S. History 1st – 80%

2016: Economics 2nd- 79%

2015: 9th Literature 1st- 83%

2015: American Literature 1st – 89%


Early College Academy of Columbus has been recognized by the U.S. News & World Report’s Best High School Rankings as 77th in the state and earned a bronze medal. Schools were ranked on their performance on state-required tests and graduation rates, which Early College Academy of Columbus boasts a 100% graduation rate.

Early College Academy has consistently maintained the highest EOCT scores in the Muscogee County School District in Language Arts for 2 consecutive years in a row from 2012-2013 as well as the highest growth in the district in the areas of 9 th Grade Literature and Composition and U.S. History for the 2015 Georgia EOC Milestones assessments.

In addition, in the 2016, 9 th grade Literature, American Literature, U.S. History, and Economics—all scored the highest growth in the Muscogee County School District on the Georgia EOC Milestones Assessment. With a 97.3% or a five star climate rating on the College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) score, Early College Academy of Columbus displays a positive atmosphere for students who are motivated for success.

The main goal of Early College Academy of Columbus is to help students, who have a desire to take college coursework on a college or university campus as a dual enrollment student. The benefit of attending Early College Academy of Columbus is that ECAC specializes in dual enrollment unlike other high schools. ECAC falls under the dual enrollment system of the State of Georgia, which means that tuition, books, and transportation are completely free for our students.

Our small enrollment allows the teachers, staff and personnel to really get to know our students.


Students that attend Early College Academy of Columbus are family. Our small enrollment allows the teachers, staff and personnel to really get to know our students. The level of dedication and assistance that ECAC’s staff is able to provide is above and beyond what students experience at larger schools. However, Early College Academy of Columbus is not for everyone: our classes are rigorous, our school has no sports team, and the extracurricular classes located on campus are limited; we only offer business education, business technology, creative writing, and physical education during school hours. Also, every student that applies is not admitted.

Early College Academy of Columbus has been the recipient of the Title I High Progress Achieving award for multiple years. Also, students are required to pass the ACCUPLACER test to gain admittance to the dual enrollment program. This test ensures that only students who are academically ready for such challenging coursework are permitted to take classes on the college campus for college credit. This increases the chance of student success. In addition, classroom schedules are amended so that dually enrolled students can complete college coursework without sacrificing the high school credit needed for graduation; and, these students also maintain the ability to attend traditional high school events such as pep rallies, school dances, and fieldtrips.


Students are offered a wealth of extracurricular clubs to choose from, which allows students to broaden their horizons artistically and academically, and also gives students the opportunities to earn scholarships, internships, and awards.

Also, Students compete with the State Bar of Georgia in the Five Star Mock Trial Team. They also compete in clubs such as Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Robotics, Spoken Word Poetry Club, and academically with the national Page Georgia Academic Decathlon Team. Students learn fine arts by participating in our Cougarettes dance team, our Cougar Noise Choir, and the ECAC Art Club.

Students also practice responsibility through organizations such as Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), Sources of Strength, Student Government, ECAC House Representatives, Ambassadors of Compassion and the National Honor Society. Students also have the opportunity to compete for the Governor’s Honors Program and the U.S. Senate Youth Program.