ELA Department

Coach Hill – 6th Grade ELA

Ms. Karcher – 6th Grade ELA

Ms. Smith – 7th Grade ELA

Dr. Stenson – 8th Grade ELA

Mr. Watson – 7th/8th Grade ELA

Math Department

Ms. Bowden – 7th Grade Math

Ms. Culverson – 6th Grade Math

Ms. Murrell – 8th Grade Math

Ms. Patterson – 7th/8th Grade Math

Ms. Yates – 6th Grade Math

Science Department

Ms. Corrick – 8th Grade Science

Ms. Kelley – 7th/8th Grade Science

Ms. Snead – 6th Grade Science

Ms. Osman – 6th Grade Science

Ms. Wilson – 7th Grade Science

Social Studies Department

Mr. Barnes – 7th Grade SS

Mr. Bissell – 6th Grade SS

Ms. Corbin – 6th Grade SS

Mr. Dailey – 8th Grade SS

Ms. Herlihy – 7th/8th Grade SS

ESOL Program

Ms. Aigbugon

PES Department

Mr. Beverly – ELA/SS

Ms. Edmond-Idahosa – M/SC

Ms. Harper – M/SC

Ms. McConnell – M/SC

Ms. Minor – ELA/SS

Ms. Posey – ELA/SS                 

Ms. Stewart – PES LEA


 Connections Department

Mr. Boykin – Chorus/Piano

Coach Bryant – Physical Education

Mr. Ellerby – Theatre Arts

Ms. Glozier – Industry & Technology

Mr. Guffey – Band/Orchestra

Coach Hagan – Physical Education

Ms. Lambert – Computer Business

Mr. Lawton – Spanish

Ms. Miller – Art

Coach Slater – Physical Education

Support Staff

Ms. Anthony – BSP

Ms. Bridges – Librarian

Ms. Chester – ISSP Technician

Ms. Jones – Administrative Assistant

Mr. Jones – Paraprofessional

Ms. Kipe – Guidance Clerk

Ms. Leonard – School Nurse

Ms. Parker – Guidance Counselor

Ms. Rosario – Attendance Clerk

Ms. Stevens – Paraprofessional

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Ms. Day – Principal

Mr. Murray – Assistant Principal

Ms. Gandy – Academic Dean

Ms. Ellis  – Academic Coach

Custodial Staff

Ms. Brown – Head Custodian

Mr. Duffey – Custodian

Ms. Whiting – Custodian

Mr. Wooten – Custodian