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Mr. Allen

8th Grade Science

Mr.¬†Allen’s Website


Mr. Barnes

7th Grade Social Studies

Ms. Blackmon

6th Grade Language Arts

Ms. Blackmon’s Website

Dr. Blalock


Dr. Blalock’s Website

Ms. Cavanaugh

7th/8th Grade ELA

Ms. Cavanaugh’s Website

Ms. Corbin

6th/7th Grade Social Studies

Ms. Culverson

6th Grade Mathematics

Ms. Culverson’s Website

Ms. Davis


Ms. Davis’ Website

Ms. Frazier

7th Grade Language Arts

Ms. Frazier’s Website

Ms. Gandy

7th Grade Science

Ms. Gandy’s Website

Ms. Herlihy

7th/8th Grade Social Studies

Ms. Herlihy’s Website

Ms. Jacobs


Ms. Jacob’s Website

Ms. Kelley

7th/8th/9th Grade Science

1st Period

3rd Period

4th Period

5th Period

6th Period

Ms. Ledwick

6th/7th Grade Mathematics

Ms. Ledwick’s Website

Ms. Medrano


Ms. Medrano’s Website

Ms. Minor

Interrelated Instructional Teacher

Ms. Minor’s Website

Ms. Murrell


Ms. Murrell’s Website

Mr. Nelson


Mr. Nelson’s Website

Ms. Osman

6th Grade Science

Ms. Osman’s Website

Ms. Patterson

8th/9th Grade Mathematics

Ms. Patterson’s Website

Ms. Posey

6th Grade Social Studies

Ms. Posey’s Website

Mr. Purvis

8th Grade Georgia Studies

Ms. Rivers

PES 6th Grade ELA/Social Studies; 6-8 Social Studies

6th Grade

8th Grade

Ms. Smith

8th Grade English Language Arts

Ms. Smith’s Website

Ms. Snead

6th/7th Grade Science

6th Grade

7th Grade

Ms. Stephan

7th Grade Mathematics

Ms. Stephan’s Website

Ms. Thorne

8th Grade Math

Ms. Thorne’s Website

Ms. Yelkovich

6th/7th Grade Language Arts

Ms. Yelkovich’s 6th Grade ELA

Ms. Yelkovich’s7th Grade ELA

Ms. Edmond-Idahosa

PES 8th Grade M/Sci

Ms. Edmond’s Website


Coach Slater

Physical Education

Coach Slater’s Website

Coach Hagan

Physical Education

Coach Hagan’s Website

Coach Hill

Physical Education

Ms. Hill’s Website


Ms. Lambert

Computer Science

Ms. Lambert’s Website

Ms. Brown

Healthcare Science

2nd Period

3rd Period

4th Period

5th Period

6th Period

Ms. Glozier

Vocational Industry & Technology

2nd Period

3rd Period

4th Period

5th Period

6th Period

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