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 An Opportunity for You…

As a math, science, and technology magnet, Arnold Magnet Academy seeks students with a high interest in math, science, and technology.  More importantly, AMA seeks students with a desire to achieve and go beyond the limits of the regular traditional classroom setting.  For those students, Arnold Magnet Academy offers the opportunity to go beyond the basics and participate in a curriculum that will provide them with hands – on, integrated experiences.  If you are accepted into our magnet program, you will be provided with the opportunity to acquire the skills and the confidence to enter ANY high school program.  You will have the opportunity to experience an education provided by a dedicated and creative faculty committed to an innovative and technologically advanced curriculum backed by the “Arnold Tradition of Excellence.”

Community Service

Arnold is very actively involved with our community both at the school and in our city.  Magnet students are required to fulfill at least 4 hours per year for 6th grade, 6 hours for 7th grade, and 8 hours for 8th grade of community service on their own time. The proof of completion for community service hours is due to the student’s social studies teacher.

Some places Arnold works closely with are: