The following should report to the 2nd day of volleyball tryouts on Thursday.  Tryouts end at 6:00 pm.
Sidne Malone 8th
Ah’Nyah Butler 8th
Annsley Corkron 8th
Riley Craine 8th
Taylor Newsome 8th
Amy Pontecorvo 8th
Whitley Sikes 8th
Skylar Toombs 8th
AmaraGrace Shorter 8th
Jada Lee 8th
Keyrisamar (Katie) Ramos 8th
Alysa Szentadorjon 8th
MaKenna Brunais 7th
Janise Moody 7th
Jaelah Lykes 7th
Ella Kate Conkle 6th
Brylee Duncan 6th
Kaylee Newberry 6th
Chandler Shorter 6th
Kierstyn Guerrero 6th