We finally have some clarification for how we will finish the school year.  Below you will find information on those specific events.  Please keep in mind that some of these details may change due to health concerns or other issues that arise.  I greatly appreciate how receptive you have been to our plight during this surreal time.

Awards Ceremony: On Thursday, May 14 we will post a video of our Awards Ceremony.  Our intent is for this video to be as similar as possible to our annual ceremony each year at Cascade Hills Church.  Any awards won will be available for the student to receive at their appointment time the next week at ACMS.

NJHS Induction Ceremony:  On Friday, May 15 we will post a video of our NJHS Induction for this year.  Parents of the students that have been invited to join the National Junior Honor Society were sent an email last night.  Those responses must be given by the end of Monday, May 11 so we can put the ceremony together.

Student/School Closeout: Beginning May 18 students will be allowed to return to school and return/retrieve items.  Students will sign up for an appointment time at .  This appointment time gives the student a maximum of 30 minutes to:

  • return their chromebook package
  • return/pick up musical instruments (if necessary)
  • empty gym and hallway lockers
  • return textbooks and media center materials
  • receive the yearbook (if purchased)
  • receive their awards from the pre-mentioned ceremony (if awarded)

**Medication can’t be picked up by students (more clarity on this issue to come next week)

The rules for this procedure are simple.  Only the student will be allowed in the building during their appointed time with no exceptions.  Unfortunately, students will not have an opportunity to move about and interact with others.  We can only have 10 students and 10 adult workers in the building at one time per state guidelines so the time frame will be tight in moving all of our students through over the time allotted.  Additionally, we ask that people not congregate in the parking lot and please come only at your appointed time.  Most importantly, stay away if sick.  More information will come next week but please sign up for your appointment now to get the time you want.

If you have questions feel free to contact me at .  Once again, look for additional communications coming prior to these events.