ACMS Cross Country Team

ACMS Cross Country Team

Congratulations to the following members of the 2017 Aaron Cohn Cross Country team! There will be practice tomorrow after school and a parent meeting tomorrow (Thursday, August 24) at 6:00 pm in the cafeteria. We will keep the kids until then. We are looking forward to a fun, FAST season!  Parents be prepared to pay the required fee of $40 at the parent meeting. Cash only.



Sophie Earwood

Allie Foles

Julia Gogas

Kyann Henderson

Madison Kartika

Zaria Law

Nevaeh Madison

Kayleigh Posey

Mya Roberts

Kendall Simmons

Dyvine Vega

Kaela White



AJ Coachman

Jaylen Davis

Zach Dennis

Bennett Doughton

Jacob Heath

Tommy Marstin

Matthew Olivera

Nehemiah Palmer

Graham Seegar

Bret Vaughn

Riley White

Omarion Woods

Christian Barzey

Camiren Collins

Cameron Cousins

Patrick Cousins

Thomas Henderson

Joshua Hill

Mason Holland

Christopher Vickerson

Caleb Walker

Ashton Winningham

Tristen Young

ACMS Volleyball Team

ACMS Volleyball Team

Kerwin Cannon 8th

Sydney Waldheim 8th

Andie Porter 8th

Sarah Blanco 8th

Ayanna Henry 8th

Maggie Goodpaster 8th

Kamyrn Blount 7th

Dani Bartley 7th

Toni Tucker 7th

Nevaeh Sanders 7th

Abby Cook 7th

Tiara Tucker 6th

Sanaa Hicks 6th

Kylie Briscoe 6th

2017 Football Roster

2017 Football Roster

8th grade 7th grade 6th grade
Anderson, Canyon Collins, Jaden Bates, Nicholas
Bell, Sincere Corbett, Ahmad Peek, O’Darrious
Brown, Ty’Quandre Davis, Kean’Dra Thorne, Trae
Green, Walter Day, Malachi Branscomb, Jeremiah
Hardrick II, Brandon Day, Micah
Merriweather, Michael Grantham, Ryan
Murphy, Jaylen Green, Xavier
Perry, Caleb Heard, Malaki
Rivera, Tristan Lockhart, Derrick
Van Dinter, Ryan Luster, J’Vion
Wilbur, Brandon Masse, Colton
Williams, Wilbur Merriweather, Miquon
Blalock, Harrison Mobley Jr, Ryan
Reed, Darron
Sonnenschein, Dylan
Spencer, Jekhyler
Stanard, Darryl
Stephens Jr, Christpher
Taylor, Ethan
Thomas, Konterrius


Congratulations for making the 2017 Aaron Cohn Football Team.  Our first practice will be tomorrow August 17, 2017.  There will also be a mandatory parent meeting tomorrow August 17, 2017 in the cafeteria at 6:30p.m.  You should be prepared to pay $150 cash at the meeting.

2017-2018 Cheer Roster

2017-2018 Cheer Roster


Congratulations to the following students who made ACMS cheerleading!

Gracyn Cannon
Rondasha Caughman
Kortney Collins
Emily Crews
Sophia Evans
Serenity Hall
Olivia Joyner
Carly Metzger
Carlye Morse
Kelsey Page
Asia Roper
Aralyn Sanks
Adryana Spencer
Savannah Thompson
Selah Woodward
Hannah Woods